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Marilyn Cecil-Smith

Captivating Wedding & Event Vocalist

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A live vocalist adds to the magic of any occasion

Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and

beyond all words. — Robert G.Ingersall

The engaging and versatile vocals of Marilyn Cecil-Smith can add to the magic of any occasion — wedding ceremonies, cocktail hour, receptions  and holiday parties of all different shapes and sizes.

Marilyn's versatility as a singer makes her a favourite choice for corporate events, birthday parties, grand openings, holiday receptions and more. If there is a special song you want, Marilyn can add it to her repertoire.

You'll find a wide variety of selections to choose from in Marilyn's song list. If you have specific songs in mind, she will work with you to select a custom list of the music of your choice.

Also, feel free to audition musical samples you'll find here of some of the most requested pieces.

Or if you'd prefer, Marilyn can choose the right playlist for your crowd.

Whether your event is in a backyard, living room, lobby or event hall, Marilyn has the proper equipment to fill the area with music of your choice, with the experience the ability to set-up and break down quickly. Her addition to any function is seamless and without distraction.

Marilyn’s Playlist

Listen to Marilyn’s style on some of her favourite love songs.

At Last by Etta James is a classic piece of music that I believe reflects the way it feels when you know you have finally found that person you can share your life with.

It Had To Be You, made famous by the performances of this song in a number of films, such as Dooley Wilson in Casablanca,1942, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, 1977 and by Harry Connick Jr. when this song was played at the end of the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally. When Harry and Sally finally realize they are meant to be together, it reminds us to appreciate the fantastic inevitability of true love.

I Want To Hold Your Hand, is one of the many Beatle’s tunes that just get better and better as you listen to it over time. This song speaks to the romantic simplicity and yet significance of just holding the hand of your partner. You know you’ve “got that something,” when this song rings true.

Love Me Tender, I love to sing this song. It is a timeless love song that has been recorded and sung by many people over the past number of decades since 1956 when Elvis made it famous. At that time there were 1 million advance orders for this beautiful song. It has subsequently been recorded by diverse singing artists such as BB King, Tony Bennett and Andrea Bocelli.

Ave Maria. I find that when I sing this beautiful piece, it has a meditative and spiritual quality that is transportive. You may wish to select this song to add the sacred nature of your wedding ceremony.








About Marilyn

If my life were described in the metaphor of a house, there would be a number of rooms with a variety of themes including, parenting, family, friends, music, painting, gardening and being a social worker. In fact everything blends together to create the tapestry of my life.

Music has always been a significant and enjoyable part of life for me. My experience includes piano, church choir, solo performance, vocal trio, vocal / guitar duo, back up vocals, studio work and as lead vocalist on a variety of stages. Each style of music I've had the good fortune to explore has intrigued me and provided me with an eclectic collection of tunes that define my life in music.

I have also worked as a social worker in the medical field over several decades. It has been my privilege to share the joys and successes, as well as the pains and sorrows of many people.  This experience has had a deep influence on my songwriting and singing.  In appreciation of the human condition, with all it's courage and frailty, I know how important it is to celebrate love when it finds us.

It would be my sincere pleasure to be able to share music with you, your family and all those present on your wedding day.